Sascha Dive & Luke Hess – Into the Abyss (UF Recommends)


Sascha Dive & Luke Hess – Into the Abyss [Minimood Extra]

Sascha Dive and Luke Hess make for an interesting pairing on this EP release, entitled Into the Abyss, for Minimood Extra. The EP Begins with the title track “Into the Abyss” which begins as a cut of murky dub techno. Things begin to build and the track takes on a chugging momentum. A familiar formula, but one that works well for folks at Berghain at 2 or 3 in the morning. Around the 3 minute mark, things take an abrupt turn when some audacious ravey stabs enter the mix. Hess and Dive aren’t really doing anything here that hasn’t been done, but at least its a well produced, and functional track.

CV313 (AKA Echospace) offer up three even dubbier takes on the original, each a slight variation on the next.

To pick up the Into the Abyss EP check Juno here in early June.

Aril Brikha / Deep’a & Biri – Hope (UF Recommends)


Aril Brikha / Deep’a & Biri – Hope [Black Crow]

Producers Aril Brikha and Deep’a and Biri have come together for a higher cause to produce a four track EP entitled Hope. The proceeds from the EP are going to an Israel/Palestine peace projects organization that is trying to improve the strained relations between the two producers respective countries. It is rare to see a dance release that is intended to make a statement about a higher cultural or political level such as this, and to add to that it happens to be a well produced and melacholic delight of an EP.

‘Ishtar’ kicks things off in true Brikha fashion. Pronounced synthetic basslines and Eq tweaks are found throughout the track, which are a signature of the producers sound. Even the limited use of Ableton’s beat repeat effect doesn’t detract from the overall production. Deep’a and Biri bring a remix that subdues things further, and create something that will surely be played at festivals this summer in either Croatia or Ibiza.

Deep’a and Biri offer up ‘Har Zion’ which is an exercise in dubby and atmospheric techno. Perhaps the standout track of the EP is Aril’s remix of ‘Har Zion,’ which really adds an element of emotion to the original. The dark pads of the track echo the commonly used sample from ‘Laura Palmers Theme’ from the television show Twin Peaks. The sample is most commonly known for its use in Moby’s rave anthem ‘Go.’

This is a great EP to add to your collection and especially considering the proceeds go to a good cause, we highly recommend picking it up here.

VA – Music for Visionaries EP 0.01 (UF Recommends)

CINMV12005 EP Cover

City 2 City / Jared Wilson / Soy Mostafa / XDB – Music for Visionaries 0.01 [Cinematic]

Overall, the Music for Visionaries EP 0.01 for Cinematic does itself justice in the unpredictable world of contemporary house music. Four different artists contribute one track each, and provide very different perspectives on a similar style.


‘Delphic Times’ by Soy Mostafa, kicks things off with a great slice of functional dance music. Ethereal synth washes combined with driving kick drums and a deep bassline really does the business. On the following track, ‘Violi’ by XDB we hear an even more stripped back sound, one that nods more to deep techno than house. City to City follow-up on the B-side with an incredibly deep and atmospheric track entitled ‘Way of Life.’ Synthy atmospherics meet terse and well thought out drum arrangements. The EP ends with a trademark acid jam from Jared Wilson.

Keep a lookout for the release in early May here.

Kito Jemepre – O B J E C T S (UF Recommends)


Kito Jemepre – O B J E C T S [Fata Morgana]

Kito Jemepre
‘s debut LP entitled O B J E C T S is a great example of a successful blend of production that is both experimental and accessible. Through the album’s ten tracks, the producer moves seamlessly between ambient, house, field recordings, and some pitch-shifted vocal samples. It’s incredibly difficult to classify as any one form of music. It would be fair to say that the album has it’s underpinnings in deep house and techno, but some tracks stray far from a 4/4 beat and into the realm of the cerebral.

The album opens with the floor friendly cut ‘Lumo’ which kicks things off with some congas and a fat bassline. The next track ‘Kallio’ continues to pick up the pace, as some polyrhythmic percussion leads into a slowly building ascension of synths that peaks and breaks down mid way through the record. ‘Conversation w/Lay-Far’ begins with a sample of a man and woman having a conversation, then slowly builds into an oddly ethereal deep house track.

Spacier cuts on the album include tracks like ‘HW Whales’ which is oddly haunting and enchanting in equal measures. While rhythmic elements exist, the piece lacks a backing drum track which makes it one of the most amorphous tracks on the LP. Also worth noting is the Juju and Jordash remix of ‘Gas Station’ which is a more subdued and atmospheric version of the original. You’ll have to pick up the 12″ sampler for the J&J mix however.

Any way you slice it this record is worth picking up and should be available and quality vinyl retailers everywhere come April.

Note: The review is indicative of the album, the clips above are truncated versions.

Fata Morgana drops ‘O B J E C T S’ LP on 14th April as a vinyl sampler and on CD/Digital on 25th April.

1. Lumo
2. Kallio
3. Conversation w/Lay-Far
4. HW Whales
5. Virheita
6. Emotion
7. Typewriter
8. Gas Station
9. Järvi
10. In The Midnight w/Yana Bliner

Move D – Fabric 74 (UF Recommends)


Move D, (one third of blog favourite Magic Mountain High) releases his compilation for the revered Fabric series later this month. The selector seems to have a taste for the more traditional forms of house music, albeit tracks with heavy bass and a nice lo-fi crunchiness. Of course it wouldn’t be a Move D mix without a few disco inflected cuts, in this case coming in the form of Liz Torres ‘Your Love is all I Need’ and tracks like Earl Jeffers ‘The Goose.’

The mix seems to really find its feet right around when Move D drops ‘Do it Right’ by Dom 877. Shortly following is a cut by Juju and Jordash in the form of their subtly trippy number ‘Loosey Goosey,’ which is more of what you might expect if you are a fan of MMH.

The end phase of the mix begins with the unreleased Move D and D Man cut entitled ‘Luvbyrds’ which is jazzy and deep in equal measures. Halfway into the track there is a nice bassline that compliments the more colourful bird sounds in the track. The mix finishes with two sophisticated house records, one by Workshop records artist Willow entitled ‘Feel Me’, and lastly ‘Unke,’ by Smallpeoples’ Christopher Rau.

We would recommed this mix for the more traditional house fans out there, as it doesnt lean too much towards the experimental. Needless to say its worth a listen and fabric have provided a promo mix below which should give you a feel for the sound…

Move D – Fabric 74 is released on the 24th of February.

01 Roy Davis Jr. – Under Tha Sun [Downtown 161]
02 Liz Torres – Your Love is All I Need (Dub Mix) [Luxor]
03 Liberty City – Some Lovin’ [Murk]
04 M.ono – Holding Back California [Rose]
05 Jamie Trench & Angus Jefford – Bringin’ Tha Heat [Roots For Bloom]
06 Earl Jeffers – The Goose [Catapult]
07 Darkman – Annihilating Rhythm (The Destruction Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
08 MD III – Shake That Body (K-Alexi Dubs You The Right Way Mix) [Blackball Muzik]
09 Dom 877 – Do It Right [877 Records]
10 Juju & Jordash – Loosey Goosey [Dekmantel]
11 Christo – New Jazzno [Room With A View]
12 Last Magpie – Roots [Losing Suki]
13 Move D / D-Man – Luvbyrds [unreleased]
14 Willow – Feel Me [Workshop]
15 Smallpeople & Rau – Unke [Smallville]

Willie Burns – A Tab of Acid (UF Recommends)


Willie Burns – A Tab of Acid [The Trilogy Tapes]

Two years after releasing the infamous Overlord EP for The Trilogy Tapes label, Willie Burns returns with A Tab of Acid. Things begin with ‘Tab of Acid’ which as you may well have guessed is pretty much a squelchy acid track. Also included is an ‘Acidapella’ which could make for a nifty DJ tool.

The highlight of the EP however must be, ‘Washed Hands’ as Burns switches gears to more uplifting and crepuscular ambient house. ‘She Left in Spring’ rounds out the ep to a similar effect. It’s a counterpoint to the Overlord Ep, and one thats worth getting your hands on.

You can pick up a copy of the EP at Juno here.

Legowelt – Crystal Cult 2080 (UF Recommends)


Legowelt – Crystal Cult 2080 [Creme Organization]

Forthcoming in March, Danny Wolfers (AKA Legowelt) has kindly provided a preview of his new LP via the Creme Organization soundcloud site. The prolific Dutch producer provides another journey filled with his trademark analog synth mysticism on this LP, and surely will provide fans of his sound something to look forward to adding to their collection.

Opening up with the lush synth arrangements of ‘Experiential Awakening’ we know that its without a doubt the Legowelt we’ve come to know and love, as the track drops into a heavy bassline that is equal parts ominous as it is eerie. Other highlights include ‘Excalibur R8MK2,’ which states over and over “drink from the chalice, you will be reborn.” It’s his cult-like sound and following that has won over the hearts of many an underground house and techno aficionado, and there seems to be no end to his fertile bed of murky and cosmic sounds.

Catch it when it drops at all fine vinyl outlets everywhere.

Legowelt – Crystal Cult 2080

A1 – Experiential Awakening
A2 – Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi
B1 – Excalibur R8MK2
B2 – Psychotic Endurance
B3 – How I Live
C1 – The Future Of Myself
C2 – Fundamental Superstition
C3 – Crystal Cult 2080
D1 – When The Spring Comes Again
D2 – Cyberspace Is Still Happenin’ for Real
Lighthouses & Fried Fish Disks (CD/Digital Only)
A Distant Meadow in Your Soul (CD/Digital Only)

Lord of the Isles – 301C Symphony (UF Recommends)


Lord of the Isles – 301C Symphony/Co20/Fyne/Horizon Effect/Western Electric [Permanent Vacation]

For our first post of 2014, we are featuring an ever prolific house artist that seems to continue to rise to the occasion time and time again. Lord of the Isles has released his 301c Symphony EP this month on Permanent Vacation. The EP sees the producer drop six tracks of his reliable output in the form of ambient house and techno.

’301c Symphony’ the title track on the EP kicks things off in a traditional LOTI fashion beginning with a mix of bass stabs and smooth detuned ambient synths. From there its not long until things get club orientated with a solid 4/4 kick setting the track alight.

Another highlight of the EP ‘Co20′, is included in both a six and twelve minute extended version. The track sees the producer engage in some serious gurgling synths and more grandiose strings for an epic experience of a record. Great middle of the night material to bring people up!

The EP finishes off with three tracks that are less club orientated but are equally well produced and indulge the producers tendencies for ambience. The EP is well rounded and a good one for the collection and you can find it at Juno here.

Unknown Futures 2013 Round-Up

It’s the end of the year, the time when we take stock in some of the movers and shakers in the world of underground and experimental dance music. Here at UF we generally tend to feature music that belongs in a hinterland between club orientated electronic music and more experimental fare. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of artists that made waves this year, but it is in our minds a group of artists that define the sound of our blog/podcast/radio show.

It’s been a tumultuous time lately for some of the writers here, so we apologize for the recent lack of posts. Hopefully this list will make up for some of that absence and give people something to peruse between Christmas and New Years.

So here it is, our favourites of 2013, in no particular order:


Joey Anderson:

First and foremost he’s a dancer, but Joey Anderson has been putting that mind of his to good use on making some seriously twisted house music in 2013. Releases on Dekmantel, Syncrophone, and is own imprint Inimeg, really demonstrate a grasp on his own form of experimental and idiosyncratic house music. Also worth mentioning was the on point mix he did for Resident Advisor which you can check out below:


Lee Gamble:

Lee Gamble set the precedent at the end of last year with both his releases Dutch Tvashar Plumes and Diversions 1994-1996. Since then there has been a countless number of releases in this area of music, but few can pull it off which such aplomb and modesty as Lee does. Whilst not fearing to delve into the ether of sound and noise based productions and audio collaging, he also has the humility to admit that even the most ostentatious of the avant-garde should be able to enjoy ‘something you can dance to.’ Here’s our favourite mix from Lee this year, which falls into the latter category of avant-dance:



None of us have been to Konotop, that is until Vakula brought us there. A singlular producer whose sound encompasses many different forms of electronic music, but to generalise a bit, we’ll call it psychedelic deep house. Releasing his seminal collection of works this year entitled, You’ve Never Been To Konotop as well as other releases and remixes on several labels, the man from the East shows no signs of stopping and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next year. Please enjoy Vakulas’ mix for the Boiler Room at this years Dekmantel festival below:


Palms Trax:

Although having worked at Phonica Records, Palms Trax is a relative new-comer to the world of underground house production and vinyl-only imprints. This year marks his first release for Lobster Theremin, where he demonstrates his ability to create some potent club material. Also, its worthy of noting that he’s done some stellar online mixes, you can stream/download his Six Axle podcast here:



Call Super:

Since releasing the Staircase EP in 2011 we’ve known that Call Super was someone to watch, and for good reason. This year saw him release music for the new Fabric curated Houndstooth label, of said releases you can read about one of them here. Also worth noting is his Fact mix from earlier in the year which you can stream below:


Traumprinz/Prince of Denmark:

One of this producers aliases represents a child, and the other a man. Releasing a full length this year for the well respected Giegling label called Mothercave, this producer is certainly picking up steam and should continue to do so in the following year. Also in perhaps one of our favourite podcasts of the past year, Traumprinz delivers an hour of the best in murky house music for RA with a few surprises which you can listen to below:


A Sagittariun:

Releasing a debut LP entitled Dream Ritual, as well as several other Eps, meant 2013 was a busy year for A Sagittariun. While the artist seems to revel his ‘under-the-radar’ status, it shouldn’t be long before he starts making some serious waves. Head on over to the Crack Magazine website to hear our favourite mix by A Sagittariun of 2013.


Kassem Mosse:

Without so much as a word of recognition from many of the major sites, Kassem Mosse actually released his self titled debut LP this year under the alias ‘The Siege of Troy.’ The full album was released on cassette only, while only a 7″ sampler was offered up otherwise. The album was not for the faint of heart, but we won’t argue with the man, as he is clearly on a level of his own with both his productions and his live performances. Check him out along with the rest of the excellent Workshop records label crew, from their Boiler Room set earlier in the year below:


Huerco S:

Hailing from Kansas City, this experimentalist house producer set the bar high, and shattered the traditional avant-garde mold with his debut LP Colonial Patterns. Also worth noting was the excellent Aphelia’s Theme EP, which was featured not only on our radio show but several other places throughout the net. We’ll recommend that you check out his Decibel mix for XLR8R which you can do below:


Laurel Halo:

While starting out in the more esoteric realm of soundscapes and other ambient electronics, 2013 saw Laurel Halo dive deep into the world of experimental techno. This year saw both the fantastic Behind the Green Door EP as well as a full length entitled Chance of Rain emerge from this producers studio. Check out a noteworthy mix she did for XLR8R earlier in the year below:


Willie Burns AKA DJ Speculator:

Having had a productive year with releases on Creme Organization, Beyond the Speaker, as well as even more releases under his Black Deer alias, there is certainly good reason to keep an eye on William Burnett. Also be sure to check out his excellent radio show broadcast from Newtown Radio in Brooklyn, WTBS. Check out his podcast for the L.I.E.S. record label below to get an idea of his sound:


Fred P:

Perhaps one of the humblest men in dance music, Fred P simply comes across as a master of his craft. ‘The Don of Deep’ and even more so, an incredibly versatile artist releasing music as Black Jazz Consortium, as well as under his own name. Highlights from the year included his full length Codes and Metaphors as well as the BQE EP for Anthony Parasoles’ label ‘The Corner.’ Below you can check out our favorite mix of the year from Fred which was recorded at AYLI @ Public Works in San Francisco last April:


Magic Mountain High:

The live improvisational house group consisting of Move D and Juju and Jordash had an amazing year with several performances including one at Dekmantel, and another at the highly esteemed Un-sound festival in Poland. Since all of their music is improvised the releases are few and far between, but some did make it onto wax such as their Live from Freerotation EP which was released on Workshop earlier in the year. We’ll leave you with one of their sets from last May, recorded at AYLI in San Francisco:

Loopdeville – Zafro EP (UF Recommends)


Breakbeat music has started to make a humble comeback in the UK following its peak in the mid-noughts. With talented producers such as A Sagittariun and Pittsburgh Track Authority contributing a few releases here and there, we may be looking at a return to form for the style of music which has all since disappeared over the past few years.

On the Zafro EP, up and coming artist Loopdeville creates three cuts of broken beat goodness that begin to fill the void. ‘Zafro’ makes use of a bassline that sounds like it came from an old tribe record, as well as discreetly sampling the famous Fingers Inc. ‘My House’ acapella. ‘Strangers in the Light’ offers similarly dusty breakbeat vibes, and the record ends with a remix of ‘Zafro’ providing a slightly more upbeat take on the original.

You can get the Zafro EP at Kristina Records here.

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