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Unknown Futures Radio 006 30/08/13

Radio 006

It’s the latest and greatest edition of Unknown Futures Radio, as per usual you can expect some of the best in outsider and experimental dance music. Enjoy…

Operator Tracey – Nothing to do with us [Future Flash]
Vakula – Exp Techno [Firecracker]
Jared Wilson – Hastings ’95 [Skudge Presents]
Sagat – Port [Vlek]
The Third Man – Pipes at Helios Canyon (Legowelt remix) [EPM Music]
Gonno – Are you asleep? [Beats in Space]
Leisure Connection – Wave Riding [No Label]
Greg Beato – Let Em Know [Apron]
Donato Dozzy vs Bee Mask – Vaporware 07 [Spectrum Spools]
Leonid – Random Waves [Photic Fields]
Leif – NDE [Sudden Drop]

Unknown Futures Radio 005 26/07/13


It’s another edition of Unknown Futures Radio, this time we have quite a mix for everyone out there. We’ve taken the voiceovers out and will be hooking up a link to to a download soon enough… for now please check out the mixcloud stream and enjoy!

A Sagittariun – Eye against Eye [Plastic Dreams]
Alphonse – Learning to Breathe [London Housing Trust]
Fred P – Splitting Particles [The Corner]
Vernon Felicity – Breaking Silence [MOS]
Polysick – Whatever [100% Silk]
Paranoid London – Transmission 5 (Instrumental) [Paranoid London]
Huerco S – Cercy [Future Times]
Lords of Midnite – Drown in UR Love [Unknown to the Unknown]
Suitdancer – Wireworld (Mr Beatnik Dub) [Tone Control Music]
Casey Tucker – Habit of Awareness [For Those That Knoe]
Acasual – Spring Theory [Blind Jack's Journey]
Matthew Wieck – Palau [UntilMyHeartStops]

Unknown Futures Radio 004 28/06/13


Check out new music from Discoverer, Anton Zap, Redshape and Steven Tang all on this latest edition of Unknown Futures Radio.

Tracklisting with [Record Label]:

Discoverer – Points Intersecting [VCO]
Anton Zap – Road Trip Song [Apollo]
Ital – Pulsed [Workshop]
Redshape – Disco Marauder [Delsin]
Steven Tang – Sunspot [Smallville]*
Stellar OM Source – Elite Excel [RVNG International]
Bantam Lions – No Going Back (Cottam remix) [Scenery]
MGUN – Tritan [Don't Be Afraid]
Tin Man – U.R. [Pomelo]
The Analog Roland Orchestra – Wax (Redshape remix) [Ornaments]

*Indicates forthcoming at the time of this recording

Unknown Futures Radio 003 22/05/13

J.T.C. – Beats in Space (Madteo remix) [Shaddock records]
Laurel Halo – UHF F-O [Hyperdub]
Echo 106 – Broken HiHat Machine [Mathematics]
State – Congruence [Unreleased]
AKRA – Tunnelvision (Iron Curtis chant remix) [*Teng]
The Black Dog – Cult Mentality 1 [*Dust Science]
Mr. Beatnick – Symbiosis [Don't Be Afraid]
Recondite – Haptic (Kassian Troyer retreat) [Plangent]
DFRNT – Start Changing Tempo [*FINA]
Unknown – Biscuit Twat (Linkwood remix) [*Voyeurhythm]
Xosar – Rays of Babylon [Rush Hour]
Hyetal – Northwest Passage [True Panther Sounds]

* Indicates forthcoming at the time of this recording

Here’s our most recent show on Shoreditch Radio, plenty of new and unreleased music on this one so we are even going to offer up a free 320kbps download since the quality of the broadcasts aren’t as good.

PLEASE hit play on the Mixcloud widget before downloading to help with our stats, or of course you can stream at your leisure…


Unknown Futures Radio 002 08/05/13

Here’s our second show! Normally the frequency of posting these shows will be every two weeks but since its our launch they are a little bit closer together! Please enjoy regardless, this player should include the tracklist info…

Introducing… Unknown Futures Radio!!!



It’s with great pleasure that we announce our new radio show!!! We’ve recently partnered up with Shoreditch Radio to bring you the best in underground and experimental house, techno and electronic music every second and last Wednesday of the month at 11pm. This first show is up on our Mixcloud site and we’re going to include it in this post below. Please if you enjoy this blog, check out our show. Listen to it live, stream it or however you please.

When these streams reach 50 plays, we’ll put the files up for download without the voiceovers.

14.535809 – Stars (Slow to Speak remix) [Slow to Speak]
Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Dazed and Confused [Junk Yard Connection]
XDB – Frocks (Patrice Scott remix) [Sistrum]
Chris and Amir – Dark Memories [Anunnaki Cartel]
Marbod – Love Me Two Times [LoFile]
Jordan Peak – Hanging By a Thread [Air London]
Flori – Su 31501 [AIM]
Corcos – Jujube Soup [Bosconi Squirts]
Fennesz – FA (Mark Fell Remix) [Editions Mego]
Elliot Thomas – Desert Light [Voyeurhythm]
Citizen – Everything [Love Fever]

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