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Intelligent Technology (UF Recommends)


Intelligent Technology – Ambient Luxum

Intelligent Technology – Enmolium

Intelligent Technology has been producing a variety of atmospheric and techy beats for the past few years. His music shows an affinity for minimalism as well as ambience, and we’ve included a few of his recent releases above.

He’s kindly provided us with a mix comprised of his unreleased productions. It ranges from atmospheric breakbeats to housier material and is a good representation of what to expect from the producer in the future.

Intelligent Technology – Encounter Mix

(No Tracklist)

A Sagittariun – Dream Ritual (UF Recommends)


A Sagittariun – Dream Ritual (clips) [Elastic Dreams]

A Sagittariun has had quite a number of releases in a variety of styles over the past couple of years. He seems to have the ability to connect the points between ambient, breakbeat, electro, techno and other leftfield electronica. Ever the mysterious character, his mask of choice is a mickey mouse helmet (not to be confused with that other mousehead), which is a surreal re-contextualisation of the symbol considering his music.

Dream Ritual is the debut full length by A Sagittariun and provides us with a glimpse into his varied and cosmic world. The ambient number ‘Sundial’ provides a great introduction to his sound and to the LP, and already you know that you are in for something exceptional. ‘V4641 Sgr’ and ‘The South Node’ are good examples of what we have come to expect from the producer, which is well produced psychedelic and atmospheric techno.

Gears change with tracks like ‘Conquering Lions’ and ‘Year of the Ox’ as this producer shows us his knack for broken beat fare. The album culminates with the track ‘A Lucid Dream (Original Dream)’ which harkens back to the days of the post acid electronica and epic house of the mid nineties. The album is a feat of the imagination, and shows that we are living in a time when you can produce any kind of music without being labelled as ‘out of fashion’ if you are inventive and do it well.

You can grab the album when it drops later in November at Bandcamp.

Palms Trax – Equation EP (UF Recommends)


Palms Trax – Late Jam [Lobster Theremin]

Palms Trax – Equation [Lobster Theremin]

Palms Trax – Houses in Motion [Lobster Theremin]

Palms Trax – Late Jam (Willie Burns’ DANCE Remix) [Lobster Theremin]

Palms Trax emerges with a three track ep of analog and 80′s infused house that really demonstrates his capabilities as a producer. Hailing from Germany, his style is reflective of classic Chicago and Detroit house music. Heavily melodic and aimed squarely at the dancefloor, his productions are densely layered and richly textured compositions.

‘Late Jam’ kicks off the EP with some serious throwback beats that really sound fresh when combined with the ethereal synths that later enter the record. The melancholic tone of the track is carried into the next track ‘Equation’ which really speaks to what this young producer is capable of in terms of production. Its hard to put into words, but we’ll simply say that ‘Equation’ should be around for some time to come.

Following that, ‘Houses in Motion’ provides another great cut of no-frills functional house music, while not as strong as the previous two tracks it still rounds out the ep to nice effect. The icing however comes from the WT Records man Willie Burns‘ remix of ‘Late Jam’ which gives the original just a touch of urgency to really make the people ‘DANCE.’

You can grab it at Kristina Records while its still in stock, here.

S Crosbie – Dark Arts 03 (UF Recommends)


S Crosbie (Dark Arts) – From the Sky [Dark Arts]

S Crosbie (Dark Arts) – Fragile [Dark Arts]

After a short break here at UF we are returning with several new bits and pieces for people to check out. Dark Arts 03 comes courtesy of London scene veteran Stu Crosbie. Stu was involved with the legendary club Blue Note in the mid-nineties and also created the Shady Brain Parties in the early noughts. These days Stu has been releasing new techno and other electronic material for a new project also called Dark Arts.

On this release, Crosbie provides three cuts of Detroit inspired techno as well as a really nice atmospheric broken-beat techno number entitled ‘Fragile.’ On what is certainly a timeless track, beats meets ambience creating a classic dynamism, one for the early hours of the morning…

You can check out clips of the whole release at Kristina Records here.

Bell Towers – Lightrail (UF Recommends)


Lightrail – Bell Towers [Public Possession]

Lightrail (Protect-U Remix) – Bell Towers [Public Possession]

There’s something going on out there with underground dance music that’s hard to define. It seems as though there is a simultaneous need to look back to the distant past, whilst doing something that is also totally in the ‘here and now’. There are some records that achieve that kind of duality, or a sense of being in more than one place at one time.

The Lightrail EP by Bell Towers takes us back to the heady days of the early ’90s, acid house, and the beginning of some naive experimentation with synth sounds, that would soon become the hallmark of bands like Orbital and Underworld. There seems to be a distinct lack of these life-affirming bright arpeggiated synth sounds in our current ‘dark and darker’ musical climate. ‘Light Rail’ is a track that injects some much needed life and light into the contemporary electronic music landscape.

On the flip, Future Times man Protect-U delivers an out and out contemporary banger of a remix on the original, however keeping intact some of the track’s original psychedic vibes. The two tracks compliment each other perfectly, and would be a worth addition to anyones library.

Grab a copy on 12″ at Kristina records here.

Huerco S. – Colonial Patterns (UF Recommends)


Quivira (Reprise) – Huerco S [Mexican Summer]

There have been arguments made against forms of avant-garde musical composition that contain elements of electronic/rave music outside of a purely academic sphere. Some consider these productions to be ‘impure’ or somehow lacking in value in comparison to more traditionalist experimental works that are strictly noise and drone based.

However, this year that relationship has changed, and even completely inverted. It would be a travesty to speak about avant-garde composition without mentioning the work of contemporary electronic producers such as Laurel Halo, Lee Gamble and Kassem Mosse. These producers are as avant-garde as they come, leaving little doubt that the addition of kick drums and other repetitive sequenced elements will not only be here to stay, but is a breath of fresh air after the monotony of drones and noise based sounds making up the current US underground scene.

The debut full length LP Colonial Patterns from Huerco S is a full frontal assault on the academic experimentalist mindset. Drones bleed into dubby lo-fi 4/4 kicks, and create something that is not only refreshing, but dynamic. While easily classified as avant-garde, the album also smashes to pieces the ‘beat is murder’ mantra of the so called post-rave experimentalist scene, using its own language of dissolution and depravity.

While on the other end of the spectrum, the album rejects the glossy sheen and superficial character of the American EDM phenomenon, this connection is an obvious one and is not worth a detailed commentary. Discover this album for yourself, as it will make best of year lists all around and is worthy album to have on vinyl.

Huerco S – Colonial Patterns [Mexican Summer]

01. Struck with Deer Lungs
02. Plucked From the Ground, Towards the Sun
03. Quivira
04. Anagramme of My Love
05. ‘Iinzhiid
06. Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning)
07. Monks Mound (Arcology)
08. Prinzif
09. Hopewell (Devil)
10. Fortification III
11. Skug Commune
12. Canticoy
13. Chun-Kee Player
14. Angel (Phase)

The LP be be bought at fine retailers such as Kristina records here.

Doublet – Synthonic EP (UF Recommends)


Discovered Night / Cosmic Sign / Synthonic / Cosmic Sign (Pad Export) [HOLIC]

It’s getting increasingly difficult to write about an EP release of contemporary house music without using the ‘D’ word. The Synthonic Ep sees two producers (Tomoki Tamura & Tuccillo) team up to provide us with three cuts of bass-laden atmospheric house music for Holic records.

Upon listening to ‘Discovered Night’ the listener is immediately plunged into a busy club night, where the speakers are cranked to the max and the feet are moving. Whilst the track isn’t anything that hasn’t already been done, its still a nice slice of functional house music, with a solid bassline. The following track ‘Cosmic Sign’ is a slightly more ethereal and murky offering, while ‘Synthonic’ rounds out the EP to nice effect with its big room sounds and diva vocal samples, making it a prime-time cut for Djs such as Scuba and Midland.

It’s shame that Holic decided not to release the pad export sample of ‘Cosmic Sign’ to the vinyl EP, but you can pick it up at Kristina Records here regardless.

OdD Music – OdD Music 002 (UF Recommends)


OdD Music 002 – OdD Music [OdD Music]

OdD Music is the project of Damien Daley & Danny Dixon. Based out of Brixton, the two relatively unknown producers have released a couple of great EPs on their vinyl-only imprint. The releases are limited runs and sell out quickly because they are becoming quite a hit amongst more eclectic djs and house music aficionados. While these offerings are quite simplistic, the duo offer up music that is subtle and sophisticated, great for opening a night or otherwise bringing things down to a simmer.

You can pre-order the new EP from Kristina here.

R-Zone Records (UF Recommends)


Rebecca in the Hall / Romijn Ravine / Night Level II – R-Zone 06 [R-Zone]

Exclamation / March Of The Worms / Claustrophobic Habits – R-Zone 04 [R-Zone]

Pain / Dead – R-Zone 03 [R-Zone]

There’s something exciting about music that is released anonymously, it’s a challenge for artists to produce music that has to succeed on its own merit without the hype or connotation of a well known name or label. However, in the case of R-zone records some credit is surely due. After beginning earlier in the year, the labels releases have gone from strength to strength and don’t show any sign of stopping.

Defining the sound is difficult, there are certainly elements of early 90′s rave, Detroit techno, and Chicago acid. However, it’s almost as if these elements have been shot into another dimension and become permanently altered only to return and confound us by challenging our own understanding of the genres as we know them. We’ve included some of our favourites above, but we recommend checking out the entire catalogue on their soundcloud site here.

NOT TO MISS: ‘Rebecca in the Hall’, ‘Romijn Ravine’, and ‘Dead’ from the above clips

Most of the releases that havent sold out, or that are forthcoming are available at Juno here.

Legowelt and Willie Burns – Angels Against Dust EP (UF Recommends)


Angels Against Dust EP – Legowelt and Wille Burns [Beyond the Speaker]

Legowelt and Willie Burns are two producers who have really come into their own over the past few years. The Angels Against Dust EP sees the producers team up and release four tracks of futuristic and almost early trance-like sounds. Both ‘Azurian Sunset’ and ‘Another Dogs Day’ are classic Legowelt tracks, where ethereal melodies are punctuated neatly by driving kicks and percussive elements.

Willie Burns offers up ‘Frozen Tunnel Shuffle’ which is a subtler track by comparison to Legowelt’s upbeat melodic material. ‘Lagrangian Plains’ seems to be the standout track on this EP though, which sounds like a haunting ghost of the early 90′s trance and progressive scene, with its piercing synth lines fading away into the distance.

You can grab a copy on 12″ vinyl at Juno here.

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