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Michael Kuttner – Discrete Formants I (UF recommends)

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Discrete Formants I – Michael Kuttner [Discrete Formants]

It’s rare that you find a record that is as singular as Michael Kuttner’s Discrete Formants I EP. Upon listening, it’s not entirely clear whether Kuttner has intended this music for dance floors or to have it live in a much different and more esoteric realm. The first two tracks ‘Mosaic Sequences I + II’ seem to be a nod to classic acid house, while the rest of the tracks on the record seem to defy description and interpretation in any possible form. Shuffling, polyrhythmic, and at times downright convoluted, this EP doesn’t give the listener much of a reprieve from its haunting and bizarre little world. This release proves that music deriving from house and techno can be just as experimental and avant-garde as the more textural or field recording oriented releases you might find somewhere like experimedia.

You can pick up one of the limited edition hand numbered copies at juno.

Crow Castle Cuts (UF recommends)


Crow Castle Cuts is a record label that seemed to slip under the radar of most of the major electronic sites in 2012. Offering only limited run vinyl pressings of EPs without downloads, these releases have become somewhat sought after in a very small span of time. Hailing from the North of Wales, each one of the catalog numbers on this label relates to a year in the history of Crow Castle in Llangollen. Most of the labels releases could be described as deep house, but the inclusion of field recordings and other natural snippets give these releases a bit more of an experimental inflection. With a label that’s so idiosyncratic and creatively branded, one can only expect quality releases. Below we have included snippets from the last 3 EPs to give you a sample of what we’re talking about…

Fouke Le Fitz Waryn EP – Various [Crow Castle Cuts]

This EP seems to be the most sought after and also the most straightforward deep house release of the lot, however there is quite a bit of variation among its tracks. It does include some strange field recordings however which give it that experimental element. It’s the kind of stuff that would go down well in the first few hours of the night at Panorama Bar on a Saturday night, or in the morning on a Sunday.

KT B – wAFF from the Llywellyn ap Gruffydd EP [Crow Castle Cuts]

This EP is similar however some of the track names get really random, clips are scarce on the web so there is just one included here. Check out more snippets here.

Owain’s Lagoon EP – Various [Crow Castle Cuts]

The last EP in the series has some serious jams on it, and could only be described as great leftfield deep house. The track ‘Valle Crucis Radio Party’ by Cy at the end of the EP is one not to miss. The inclusion of more field recordings round out the EP.

Everything except for the Owain’s Lagoon EP has sold out from Juno. You can expect to pay a little more on discogs but these releases may be worth it.

ALSO, since the Crow Castle series has finished check out their new label Blind Jack’s Journey and expect a feature here in the near future…

Call Super – The Present Tense EP (UF Recommends)


Threshing Floor/Leosengor/Siglo Gray Vision/No City Of Choice – Call Super [Houndstooth]

This year promises to be an interesting year for dance music, as more sounds from the fringes are bubbling up to the surface. Producers J R Seaton and Matt Waites (AKA Call Super) debuted in 2011 with the Staircase EP. Since then releases have been few and far between, however an excellent Juno plus podcast solidified the artist(s) as being worthy of keeping an eye on.

The Present Tense EP will be the most important release to date for the two producers, as it’s the first release on the infamous London club Fabric’s new label Houndstooth. The label clout will get them a place in all of our collective radars, but more importantly they’ll be remembered because of their music on this EP. Four tracks that seemingly contradict each other from one to the next, clearly there is nothing holding these producers back from being nonlinear in their creative process. Seaton has explained that their music is neither meant to sound old nor new, and that there is no one direction in which the duo is meant to go in for future releases.

You can pre-order a copy of the EP here.

Unknown Futures Twelve for 2012

Here’s our obligatory end of year list, twelve tracks from the year that we felt deserved mentioning, in no particular order:


Lee Gamble – DTI [PAN]

At this point Lee Gamble needs no introduction. Taken from Diversions 1994-1996 this track stood out as one of his more successful efforts from the album.


Claro Intelecto – It’s Getting Late [Delsin]

Claro Intelecto’s album Reform Club was seemingly absent from most of the end of the year lists out there. We’ve made sure to include this track since both it and the album deserve to be mentioned.


Legowelt – Rave Till Dawn [Clone]

If there was an anthem for underground house and techno for 2012, this might be a contender. Legowelt at his finest.


Dream 2 Science – Breath Deep [Rush Hour]

From out of the darkness, this obscure acid gem from 1990 got re-released on Rush Hour this year. It was featured in many sets and played out by several notable djs, understandably.


Recondite – Petrichor (Tin Man remix) [Absurd]

Recondite’s nicely understated production meets Tin Man’s melancholic acid squelch on this great remix. Hopefully we’ll hear more from this pairing in 2013.


Bipolardepth – Vessel [Udacha]

Appropriately, this release only has an image of a hot air balloon in flight on its 12″ label with no other information. ‘Vessel’ begins life as an ambient piece and evolves into a liquid deep house jam, mesmerizing stuff to say the least.


John Tejada – Fempto Frames [Pallette]

Interestingly enough this track was not included on the 12″ of this ep, and was only released digitally. In our opinion it was the best of the lot, and makes a case for melancholic and emotive techno in a sea of otherwise dark and cold releases that dominated the landscape this year.


John Talabot – H.O.R.S.E. [Permanent Vacation]

John Talabot’s debut album ƒIN garnered a lot of attention over the course of the year. For us ‘H.O.R.S.E.’ was a more of mainstream pick, but nonetheless one we felt deserved a mention because of the depth and emotion of the track.


Vessel – Silten [Tri Angle]

You might file this track under murky post-club. What would make for an excellent early morning selection, Vessel’s ‘Silten’ was just one of many otherworldly tracks off his excellent debut LP Order of Noise.


Mathew Jonson – Passage to the Other Side [Itiswhatitis]

Mathew Jonson is certainly no new-comer to the electronic music world. Passage to the Other Side is stated to have been produced in 2003 and was only released this year. A testament to the longevity of Jonson’s work, this track works just as well now as it would have almost 10 years ago.


Dexter – X7D [Ostgun Ton]

Simply a great functional record for the dance floor. And more importantly, a contender for one of the best bass lines of the year.


Actress – IWWAD [Honest Jon's]

R.I.P. was widely regarded as one of the best LP’s of 2012. Seemingly having a post-everything outlook on music, you might find yourself wondering if the show is really over. There aren’t answers yet, but if there are you might find them here.

That’s all from us until 2013, and please check out our latest 2-hour podcast and spread the word!!



A Sagittariun – RA podcast 332

(First Level)
K.A.T.O. – Zephyrus (The Porthole) – Zephyrus Music
Biosphere – Microgravity – Apollo
Can – Oh Yeah – United Artists
David Morley – Symmetry – Apollo
Richard H Kirk – Reality Net – Warp
Thomas Fehlmann – Berliner Luftikuss (Move D Remix) – Kompakt
John Carpenter – The President Is Gone – TER
Monolake – Bicom – Monolake
Brian Eno – Under Stars – Virgin

(Second Level)
Drexciya – Under Sea Disturbances – Tresor
Robert Hood – Station Rider E – M-Plant
Marcelus – Shape – Deeply Rooted
A Sagittariun – Wind Tunnel – Elastic Dreams
Hans Berg – Machines (Ed Davenport Fixation) – Fullbar
Planetary Assault Systems – Forms – Peacefrog

(Third Level)
BFC – Sleep – Planet E
3MB feat. Juan Atkins – Jazz Is the Teacher – Tresor
F.U.S.E. – Dimensions – Plus 8

(Fourth Level)
Killing Joke – Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches the Sea Dub Mix) – EG Records
Colourbox feat. Lorita Grahame – Baby I Love You So – 4AD
Dub Syndicate – 2001 Love Part 1 – On-U Sound

Donato Dozzy – mx39 for mnml ssgs

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