R-Zone Records (UF Recommends)


Rebecca in the Hall / Romijn Ravine / Night Level II – R-Zone 06 [R-Zone]

Exclamation / March Of The Worms / Claustrophobic Habits – R-Zone 04 [R-Zone]

Pain / Dead – R-Zone 03 [R-Zone]

There’s something exciting about music that is released anonymously, it’s a challenge for artists to produce music that has to succeed on its own merit without the hype or connotation of a well known name or label. However, in the case of R-zone records some credit is surely due. After beginning earlier in the year, the labels releases have gone from strength to strength and don’t show any sign of stopping.

Defining the sound is difficult, there are certainly elements of early 90′s rave, Detroit techno, and Chicago acid. However, it’s almost as if these elements have been shot into another dimension and become permanently altered only to return and confound us by challenging our own understanding of the genres as we know them. We’ve included some of our favourites above, but we recommend checking out the entire catalogue on their soundcloud site here.

NOT TO MISS: ‘Rebecca in the Hall’, ‘Romijn Ravine’, and ‘Dead’ from the above clips

Most of the releases that havent sold out, or that are forthcoming are available at Juno here.

St Helier – UF Podcast 007

UF Podcast Cover_007-01

The latest instalment of our podcast series comes from London based DJ/producer St Helier. He’s delivered us with an hour of little known funk, disco, and broken beat tracks, with a touch of contemporary house and bass fare. It’s something unique and different so be sure to check it out.

Unknown Futures Podcast 007
Mixed by: St Helier

Matt Robertson – Big Sitar Pt. 2
Sesame Street – Robot With Emotions
Boss Kite – You So Bad
Zapp & Roger – Computer Love
Look Like – Radio Lova
Boss Kite – Jibba Jabba
Fulgeance – Sweat Club
Boss Kite – Comicon
Gilly The Kid Feat. Cris Million & Laura Clemo – Richer Thank You’ll Ever Be (Prod. Jay Juice)
Ghost Mutt – Only One
D. Train – Trying To Get Over (Angel Giant Edit)
Andrae Crouch – Handwriting
Herbie Hancock Feat Sylvester – Potion #9 (Magic Number) (Deej. Valavanis’s Magic Potion Edit)
Alien Alien – Sambaca
Kool & The Gang – Get Back On It (E-SIX Edit)
Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter Remix)
Plaza – Fish Water
Kombi – Przytul Mnie (Old Spice Edit)
Plush – Coast To Coast
D. Train – Keep On (WE MEAN DISCO!! Revenge Of The Dub)
Richard Jon Smith – Baby’s Got Another
Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You (SQN I Thought It Was Daft Punk Edit)
Velour – Speedway
Josh Dupont & Daelo – Emotion
Afrika Bambaata & Soul Sonic Force – Looking For The Perfect Beat (Overstreet’s Refix)
Frances Lerouge – Comet Red (Short Version)
Levon Vincent – Rainstorm II
Dark Sky – Rare Bloom
Koreless – Last Remnants
Sesame Street – Olga The Lonesome Robot

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Legowelt and Willie Burns – Angels Against Dust EP (UF Recommends)


Angels Against Dust EP – Legowelt and Wille Burns [Beyond the Speaker]

Legowelt and Willie Burns are two producers who have really come into their own over the past few years. The Angels Against Dust EP sees the producers team up and release four tracks of futuristic and almost early trance-like sounds. Both ‘Azurian Sunset’ and ‘Another Dogs Day’ are classic Legowelt tracks, where ethereal melodies are punctuated neatly by driving kicks and percussive elements.

Willie Burns offers up ‘Frozen Tunnel Shuffle’ which is a subtler track by comparison to Legowelt’s upbeat melodic material. ‘Lagrangian Plains’ seems to be the standout track on this EP though, which sounds like a haunting ghost of the early 90′s trance and progressive scene, with its piercing synth lines fading away into the distance.

You can grab a copy on 12″ vinyl at Juno here.

Geena – Surowych Utworow EP (UF Recommends)


Surowych Utworow EP – Geena [Antinote]

There isn’t anything too groundbreaking about the recent Surowych Utworow EP by Geena on the Parisian record label Antinote. Throughout its four tracks, classic house percussion meets 303 sounds and other sparse ethereal synths. It represents a kind of minimalist acid house that has its own timeless aesthetic, un-deterred by popular trends or fashions. Its simplistic execution is its strength, and for that reason it becomes a fundamental and powerful record.

Unknown Futures Radio 005 26/07/13


It’s another edition of Unknown Futures Radio, this time we have quite a mix for everyone out there. We’ve taken the voiceovers out and will be hooking up a link to to a download soon enough… for now please check out the mixcloud stream and enjoy!

A Sagittariun – Eye against Eye [Plastic Dreams]
Alphonse – Learning to Breathe [London Housing Trust]
Fred P – Splitting Particles [The Corner]
Vernon Felicity – Breaking Silence [MOS]
Polysick – Whatever [100% Silk]
Paranoid London – Transmission 5 (Instrumental) [Paranoid London]
Huerco S – Cercy [Future Times]
Lords of Midnite – Drown in UR Love [Unknown to the Unknown]
Suitdancer – Wireworld (Mr Beatnik Dub) [Tone Control Music]
Casey Tucker – Habit of Awareness [For Those That Knoe]
Acasual – Spring Theory [Blind Jack's Journey]
Matthew Wieck – Palau [UntilMyHeartStops]

VA – Space Culture Vol. 1 (UF Recommends)


Space Culture Vol. 1 – Various Artists [Bliq]

This three track EP was released earlier in the year, however it managed to slip under our radar until now. Bliq is a London based deep house and techno label that has been putting out quality releases for about three years now. Space Culture Vol. 1 caught our attention, as we’ve featured a few of the artists on the EP in the past.

Audio Atlas turns in a moody dub techno number drenched in reverb in the form of ‘Finland’ which seems to be a cut that may have been left off the excellent Window 2 the World LP released earlier this year. By contrast, ‘Frábær’ by Pietro Tangianu features lots of analogue chords and deep bass to warm things up a bit. Lastly, Matti Turunen‘s track ‘Nocturne’ is by far the standout track of the EP, in our opinion. Minimalist electro breakbeat that makes for perfect set opening material and is reminiscent of Claro Intelecto‘s earlier work.

Lord Of The Isles – Galaxy Near You Pt. 1 (UF Recommends)


Fey Folk / Ossian’s Hall / Xatsiv / Nustron – Lord of the Isles [Little Strong]

One might define music as a system of communication that subverts normal language and connects with us on a deeper level. The new Lord Of The Isles EP entitled Galaxy Near You Pt. 1, is a great example of this principle. There’s no agenda here, simply beautiful sounds and beats mixing together to create something intangible. A sonic language that hits you right at your core. Four cuts of ambience and 4/4 beats that conjure images of nearby planets and galaxies…

Sagat – Satellite EP (UF Recommends)


Satellite EP – Sagat [VLEK]

The Vlek record label has been responsible for some interesting electronic output over the past few years, and at one point last year gave away the entire catalogue for free, which was a real treasure trove of interesting sounds. Sagat has just recently released the Satellite EP which fits nicely into the labels aesthetic. This collection of tracks sits somewhere between the dancefloor and more esoteric realms of noise and ambient sounds.

‘Ten Steps Removed’ while even at only two and a half minutes is still epic, with a detuned filtered synth that rides through the track and provides a fearful sense of apprehension. ‘Satellite’ gives us something a little different, an almost 2-step like number, similar to the Burial/Fourtet collaborations of last year. ‘Port’ knocks along with its 4/4 stomp, and could easily be used in sets for more discerning dancefloors. Lastly, ‘Intruder’ rounds out the EP with a track thats much more loosely assembled and harder to define than any other on the record.

You can get it on vinyl at the Vlek Store.

Casey Tucker – Knoe 2/1 (Unknown Pasts)


BST / Habit of Awareness / Momentum – Casey Tucker [For Those That Knoe]

With labels like Clone and Rush Hour bringing back a lot of old records from the nineties, its hard not to classify this Casey Tucker re-issue as a form revivalism. There is a difference though, between producers that look to re-appropriate the past, and those whose music was far ahead of its time when it was created. Beautiful melodies and acid lines make for three rare gems on this EP. Think along the lines of tracks like Choice – Acid Eiffel, and you are in the right ballpark.

Pick it up at Redeye here.

Unknown Futures Radio 004 28/06/13


Check out new music from Discoverer, Anton Zap, Redshape and Steven Tang all on this latest edition of Unknown Futures Radio.

Tracklisting with [Record Label]:

Discoverer – Points Intersecting [VCO]
Anton Zap – Road Trip Song [Apollo]
Ital – Pulsed [Workshop]
Redshape – Disco Marauder [Delsin]
Steven Tang – Sunspot [Smallville]*
Stellar OM Source – Elite Excel [RVNG International]
Bantam Lions – No Going Back (Cottam remix) [Scenery]
MGUN – Tritan [Don't Be Afraid]
Tin Man – U.R. [Pomelo]
The Analog Roland Orchestra – Wax (Redshape remix) [Ornaments]

*Indicates forthcoming at the time of this recording

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