Gnork – Solar Striker EP (UF Recommends)


Solar Striker EP- Gnork [Bokhari]

Gnork is a small producer from Hungary that has caught our attention this year with a couple of releases on the Blind Jack’s Journey vinyl imprint. He also just released another track on that label, which we encourage people to discover for themselves. Upon viewing his soundcloud page we also noticed that his first solo EP is about to be released on Bokhari Records. The clips for the Solar Striker EP don’t give away too much, but it was enough for us to promptly post a quick write-up to get the word out. Deep and futuristic sounds coming from an exciting new producer, this EP will be one to pick up when it’s released. Not to mention a remix coming from the Ukranian psychedelic/deep don Vakula.

Pre-order it at Redeye records here.

Leif – Cloud Hidden EP (UF Recommends)


Effervescent / Snowfall / Walk On / NDE – Leif [Sudden Drop]

The Cloud Hidden EP is the latest offering from the producer Leif out of London. This EP is comprised of four ambient and dusty house tracks. ‘Effervescent’ opens the EP with a straightforward track that makes nice use of reverb and what sounds like field recordings to provide a unique feel. ‘Snowfall’ follows with its use of a massive detuned synth and dusty loops for a nice effect.

The first B-side, ‘Walk on’ implements some classic ethereal synths, and is destined to become the fare of DJs like Fred P and other purveyors of all things deep. However, the highlight of the EP in our opinion, must be the track ‘NDE’ which is simply a must for any eclectic house aficionado. The track makes nice use of an abstract bird-like sample that gives it a natural and earthy feel. This is the kind of stuff for the end of the night, when only the real heads are left and the others have headed off home…

Pick up the vinyl at Juno here.

State – UF Podcast 006


Direct Link (right click and ‘save as’)

After a short hiatus from our podcast series, we’re returning with our first exclusive guest mix from the up-and-coming producer State from the UK. He’s just recently released his first EP on NO LOGO which is a record label and club night based out of Southampton. The NO LOGO nights bring in some of the best names in house, bass and techno and we recommend checking them out if you are in the area. State has kindly provided us with two hours worth of some of his finest hidden gems, b-sides and more eclectic tracks. It’s a mix that’s completely off-the-cuff and ranges from atmospheric to out-right raw. It’s certainly worth a listen, so be sure to check it out…

‘State EP’ is on sale at Redeye Records, and you can check it out and buy it here.

Unknown Futures Podcast 006
Mixed by: State

Sigha – Light Swells
Rhythm & Sound – Rise and Praise (Vainqueur Remix)
Reno Wurzbacher – Julischkaa
Analog Solutions 002
A Saggitariun – Carnia (October Full Body Mix)
Moon B – Entropic Feelings EP A2
Brother G – Rawax 006
STL – Loon Side Drifter
Pev & Hodge – Bells (System Mix)
Jonsson/Alter – En Livfull Skildring (Move D Remix)
Magic Mountain High – Workshop xx B2
Raw Series #2
Darling Farah- Division
Maurizio – M4
Mono Junk – Channel B
Appointment – Les Appointment Royale
Dense & Pika – Crackling
Common People – Deeper Quest
Boe & Zak – Unstoppable
Pod – Anapest
Analog 1 – Octave
Ever Vivid – Facing the Heavens
The Echelon Plan – Pulsations
BNJMN – Blocks
The Doors – Riders of the Storm

Joey Anderson – Diagram Solutions EP (UF Recommends)


Diagram Solutions EP – Joey Anderson [Inimeg]

It wouldn’t really be fair to describe Joey Anderson‘s new EP Diagram Solutions on Inimeg Records solely as house music. The producer, hailing from New Jersey, has increasingly raised the level of weirdness in his music over the past year or so, this release included. Joey often gets lumped in with the current crop of new school NYC house producers, but we like to think that he leans a little further to the left, and we love to watch as he indulges his more eccentric tendencies.

The release opens with “Musical Tentacles” and already we’re entering murky territory. Meandering minor synth-lines combine with analog bass and a solitary thudding kick as the track starts. Things start to become more interesting as a squelchly melodic synth enters the picture. “Rise Senth” ditches the beat completely in favour of a flurry of synths and a strange vocal sample telling us to “RISE” from the depths. “Diagram Solutions” is a more minimal study in drums and synth oddities that could be handy for bringing down a crowd from a peak, or as a starting point for a set.

If you are a fan of his material, than Diagram Solutions is worth picking up and you can do that at Kristina Records, here.

Anton Zap – Water (UF Recommends)


Water – Anton Zap [Apollo]

If you haven’t figured it out already, we have a soft spot for atmospheric/deep house and techno that borders on the more esoteric sounds of ambient music and other field recordings and soundscapes. There seems to be symbiotic relationship between rhythms and atmospheres (in our opinion) that gives the music a sense of being both ancient and futuristic at the same time.

As the name suggests, Anton Zap‘s debut full length Water is a fluid and breathtaking excursion into the aforementioned territories. The title track ‘Water’ provided by Apollo is a good introduction but it doesn’t really do the full album justice. Highlights include ‘Road Trip Song’ which as the name suggests presents swirling synth pads and beats perfect for driving through scenic landscapes. Also be sure to check out ‘Fade to What?’ as it is more indicative of the producers knack for synth-laden psychedelia. While the album is short at seven tracks, there is certainly no lack of depth and this album would make a fine addition to a beach or road trip playlist for the summer. You can pick it up through R&S on pre-order here.

Anton Zap – Water
Anton Zap – Road Trip Song
Anton Zap – Fade to What?
Anton Zap – Funky Man
Anton Zap – Captain Storm
Anton Zap – Miles and More
Anton Zap – Miniature

James Holden – RA 367

James Holden delivers a mix that defies categorisation, for Resident Advisor magazine. You can read all about it there.

Animal Collective – Pride and Fight
Sidesleeper – Monument
Peter Gordon & Factory Floor – Beachcombing
Holden – A Circle Inside A Circle Inside
Craig Leon – ?
Ame – Erkki
Issa Bagayogo – Kouloun
Torn Hawk – A Piece Of The Story
Andy Stott – Luxury Problems
2562 – Nocturnal Drummers
Jonas Reinhardt – Semazen Salem
Nathan Fake – Fortunebrew
Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes…
Chris Carter – Interloop
Martial Canterel – Phantom
Holden – Rannoch Dawn (tool)
Pharaoh Sanders – The Gathering

Steven Tang – Disconnect to Connect (UF Recommends)


Steven Tang has been productive over the last few years especially under his Obsolete Music Technology moniker, putting out EPs on labels such as Dolly, Aesthetic Audio and his own Emphasis imprint out of Chicago. Tang has been releasing records since the late nineties and its exciting to see him finally release a debut LP under his own name.

Disconnect to Connect could loosely be described as a deep house album, but the way that it has been constructed and arranged shows a knack for experimentation outside of that general sphere. Tang has explained that some of the tracks were produced around the end of the 90′s as he was interested in sounds outside of the 4/4 realm. This led the producer to come up with an album that sits in a grey area between deep house and ambient. We don’t have clips to share yet, but when they become available we’ll post them up here. Since we’ve heard the album, we can let you know that its excellent and wanted to get the word out before the album drops on July 15th on Smallville.

UPDATE: Clips added from Juno above…

Steven Tang – Disconnect to Connect
Disconnect To Connect
Some Solace
Heat Burst
It’s Perceived As Sound
Potential Light
Brink Of Dawn

Matti Turunen – Fall EP (UF Recommends)


Fall/Kanuuna/Agrikola – Matti Turunen [MUHK Music]

Who says melodic music can’t be powerful? With this recent release from a relatively unknown Finnish producer Matti Turunen, we find an EP that is thoroughly analogue and promotes the use of well defined melodic structures to produce a powerful and emotive result. Don’t let this EP fool you into thinking its soft, this is uplifting stuff with serious atmosphere for the middle of a night…

Altum Suite Podcast 01 – B_Unit


It’s always exciting to see a new podcast series begin that shows some potential. Enter the Altum Suite podcast series, featuring the first mix from B_Unit. After speaking to B_Unit we gathered that the concept for the mix was to combine some of the best music past and present from her collection. This mix combines post-bass, techno, deep house, and other strange electronica. There’s some hidden treasures here so don’t sleep…

FaltyDL – Straight and Arrow (Four Tet remix) – Ninja Tune
Lakosa – Temptations – (Rick Grant remix)
Jack Dixon – Glassworks – White Asega
John Convex – Lied To Be Loved (feat. dBridge) 3024
Pev & Kowton – Raw Code – Hessle Audio
Cant – Too Late, Too Far – Warp Records
Little Dragon – Brush The Heat – Peacefrog Records
Lusine – Another Tomorrow – Ghostly International
Mr Beatnick – Sun Godess – Don’t Be Afraid
Close – Oscar – !K7 (DL)
Lifecycle – Trueisms – Ricochet Records
Midland – Placement (Lone Remix) – Aus Music
Kloke – To The Rescue – Granholme
Bonobo – Know You – Ninja Tune
Ambulance – Hymn – Planet Mu
Hyetal – Searchlight – Black Acre
Lorca – Searching – 2020 Midnight Visions
Youandewan – Faith – 2nd Drop Records
Arkist & Komon – Brookfield – HypeLTD
Sepalcure – Make You – Hotflush Recordings
Apparat – Arcadia – Shitkatapult
Lone – AM Portal – (DL)

Unknown Futures Radio 003 22/05/13

J.T.C. – Beats in Space (Madteo remix) [Shaddock records]
Laurel Halo – UHF F-O [Hyperdub]
Echo 106 – Broken HiHat Machine [Mathematics]
State – Congruence [Unreleased]
AKRA – Tunnelvision (Iron Curtis chant remix) [*Teng]
The Black Dog – Cult Mentality 1 [*Dust Science]
Mr. Beatnick – Symbiosis [Don't Be Afraid]
Recondite – Haptic (Kassian Troyer retreat) [Plangent]
DFRNT – Start Changing Tempo [*FINA]
Unknown – Biscuit Twat (Linkwood remix) [*Voyeurhythm]
Xosar – Rays of Babylon [Rush Hour]
Hyetal – Northwest Passage [True Panther Sounds]

* Indicates forthcoming at the time of this recording

Here’s our most recent show on Shoreditch Radio, plenty of new and unreleased music on this one so we are even going to offer up a free 320kbps download since the quality of the broadcasts aren’t as good.

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