Stellar OM Source – Elite Excel (UF Recommends)

Elite Excel/Elite Excel (Kassem Mosse Remix) – Stellar OM Source [RVNG International]

Stellar OM Source has been consistently releasing great contemporary techno over the past few years. Many different descriptors come to mind when listening to her music: experimental, ambient, or cosmic. However you think of it, the music transcends all these terms and really can only be understood upon listening. This new single is no exception and to top it off there’s a remix from the man of the moment, Kassem Mosse which really sets the original alight. Don’t miss out on this one, pick it up at Juno when it’s release on 12″ here.

The Black Dog – Tranklements (UF Recommends)

Tranklements LP Preview – The Black Dog [Dust Science]

Blog favourite The Black Dog are just about to drop a brand new full length album later in the month called Tranklements. Upon listening to the album, its clear the trio haven’t lost their unique perspective on electronic music. This album ranges from techno to IDM and other various forms of electronic experimentation and tinkering. Some of the tracks are aimed squarely at the dancefloor, but its the overall process and their approach that is experimental, and its exciting to know that the result can be anything from ambience to powerful driving percussion. They’ve brought back some of the concepts from their earlier works such as the ‘Bolt’ interludes and its nice to see them tie this together across the albums, and the years. This is by no means a walk down memory lane however, this is purely a contemporary endeavour, and one that sees the trio place themselves into a position of prominence as they continue to release relevant music 20 years into their careers.

You can pre-order the 3×12″ LP at Dust store here.

Secret Circuit – Tactile Galactics (UF Recommends)

Deep Stations – Secret Circuit [Beats in Space]

Sometimes when a producer tries to combine a few too many genres of music on an LP, the result is watered down and lacks musical direction. Secret Circuit succeeds in avoiding this pitfall on his new full length release entitled Tactile Galactics. While drawing on a diverse range on styles, Eddie Ruscha manages to keep this album on track with an overall heavy psychedelic and cosmic feel. Great classics such as ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Rogue Unit’ will find their way into many a DJ mix. Not all of the tracks on this LP are what we would consider purely electronic and instead fall more into the realm of indie-dance, but this variety gives the album its eclectic feel. For an album that’s a bit more on the accessible side, its still a worthy listen and you can find it at bandcamp. Plus, you’ll also get the awesome Vakula remix of Afterlife with the album which is not to miss…

Higher Heights
Nebula Sphynx
Deep Stations
Sync Or Swim
Words In Transit
Parascopic Rope
Rogue Unit
Afterlife (Vakula Remix)

Unknown Futures Radio 002 08/05/13

Here’s our second show! Normally the frequency of posting these shows will be every two weeks but since its our launch they are a little bit closer together! Please enjoy regardless, this player should include the tracklist info…

Introducing… Unknown Futures Radio!!!



It’s with great pleasure that we announce our new radio show!!! We’ve recently partnered up with Shoreditch Radio to bring you the best in underground and experimental house, techno and electronic music every second and last Wednesday of the month at 11pm. This first show is up on our Mixcloud site and we’re going to include it in this post below. Please if you enjoy this blog, check out our show. Listen to it live, stream it or however you please.

When these streams reach 50 plays, we’ll put the files up for download without the voiceovers.

14.535809 – Stars (Slow to Speak remix) [Slow to Speak]
Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Dazed and Confused [Junk Yard Connection]
XDB – Frocks (Patrice Scott remix) [Sistrum]
Chris and Amir – Dark Memories [Anunnaki Cartel]
Marbod – Love Me Two Times [LoFile]
Jordan Peak – Hanging By a Thread [Air London]
Flori – Su 31501 [AIM]
Corcos – Jujube Soup [Bosconi Squirts]
Fennesz – FA (Mark Fell Remix) [Editions Mego]
Elliot Thomas – Desert Light [Voyeurhythm]
Citizen – Everything [Love Fever]

Fred P – AYLI @ Public Works

Blog favourite Fred P delivers a little over two hours of his signature deepness in this live mix posted on his Black Jazz Consortium soundcloud page. Deep, bordering on experimental, bordering on deep. No tracklist provided but we promise that this one won’t be one to miss.

Omar S – Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself (UF Recommends)

Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself – Omar S [FXHE]

There aren’t many producers out there who pride themselves on their own eccentricity as much as Omar S does. On this LP Omar delivers on his promises providing us with a landscape of unique techno oddities of various shapes and depths. The album certainly has its trademark Omar S tracks like ‘Thank U 4 Letting me Be Myself’ and ‘Its Money in the D.’ At other times this album resists being defined as techno at all, with murkier tracks like ‘Hellter Shelter’ and ‘Tardigrades’ falling much more into the realm of labels like PAN and L.I.E.S. In contrast to this there are some true neo-rave gems such as the track ‘Air of the Day’ which almost sounds as if to be his own take on the sounds of labels like Deconstruct out of NYC. Omar seems to find his own way of doing things while also tipping his hat to his peers on this LP, but at the end of it all, it is an Omar S album through and through.

Omar S – Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself
I’ll Bring U Ah Lil Sumpin Back
I Just Want (Mixed By – Luke Hess)
Air Of The Day
Be Yoself
The Shit Baby [CP-1 Played By] – D. Taylor (7)
Hellter Shelter
Thank U 4 Letting Me Be Myself
Ready My Black Asz
Messier Sixty Eight
Dumpster Graves
Its Money In The “D”

It’s certainly worth picking up and you can do that at juno, here.

[Physics] – Spectramorphic Iridescence (UF Recommends)

Spectramorphic Iridescence – [Physics] [Digitalis]

With the almost oppressive wave of psychedelic, experimental and ambient releases over the past few years, it’s sometimes hard to isolate and pinpoint exactly which releases are actually pushing the genre forward and carving out its place on the electronic music spectrum. Spectramorphic Iridescence by [Physics] is one such record. If listening to an hours worth of drones is your thing than this album might not be for you. These tracks are dynamically layered compositions that have subtle details throughout the production and that trap your mind into their subverted little world. The ambient works of Oneohtrix Point Never may come to mind upon first listening to this album, but a point of difference are the subtle percussive elements that merge with the ethereal voids and atmospheres of the record. The result is an engaging layering of atmospherics and rhythmic elements that is both timeless and unforgettable.

[Physics] – Spectramorphic Iridescence
Anodyne Dream
Gender Amplification
Random Water
Isosceles Trapezoid
Emerald Forest
The Keep
Cardinal Perplexogram
The Grid Vanishes
Ultimate L

Pick up the LP from Juno here.

Not Even Real – [Physics] [Unreleased]

Another treat from their soundcloud website is this unreleased gem ‘Not Even Real.’ This track employs a haunting voice from a virtual world which is one that won’t be soon be forgotten after listening. The stuff for the post party sessions when everyone is fading away, and falling into their own unique states of half-sleep…

Shadow Moses – S.O.E.P./Far North (UF Recommends)

S.O.E.P. – Shadow Moses [Lonesome Hero]

Far North – Shadow Moses [Lonesome Hero]

Over the past few years, a proliferation of small vinyl-only labels have emerged to provide a much needed quality boost to a market saturated in digital throwaway releases. Enter Lonesome Hero, one such label whose philosophy is built on providing quality releases pressed in limited runs. This process has begun to reverse the trend of mass produced digital music brought on by sites like Beatport and other mp3 download sites. Take a moment to check out their soundcloud page which we’ve linked up above as their catalogue is worth a listen…

On this release the mysterious Shadow Moses steps up to deliver two cuts of techno with depth. Analogue through and through, these two tracks help to thaw your body out from the long drawn out winter. ‘S.O.E.P.’ is the warmer of the two records, providing a crepuscular experience akin to the likes of Newworldaquarium or Basic Channel. ‘Far North’ is the darker counterpoint and has the urgency and movement of a record set to build some serious atmosphere for a night out. Quality cuts on both sides, we recommend picking up a copy from Kristina Records here.

Ike Release – Dream Sequencer EP (UF Recommends)

Dream Sequencer EP – Ike Release [MOS Deep]

Ike Release has been very productive over the past year under his own name as well as one half of the duo Innerspace Halflife. Tough gritty drums meet other-worldly synth atmospherics on all three tracks of this EP. In typical Ike Release fashion, the contrast between the percussive elements and the atmospherics creates a tension which is both unique and engaging. ‘Cosmic Release’ acts almost as foreboding indicator of whats to follow, as ‘Spells and ‘Westview’ kick things into high gear as Ike demonstrates what he’s capable of on this EP.

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