J.T.C. – Beats in Space (Madteo remix) [Shaddock records]
Laurel Halo – UHF F-O [Hyperdub]
Echo 106 – Broken HiHat Machine [Mathematics]
State – Congruence [Unreleased]
AKRA – Tunnelvision (Iron Curtis chant remix) [*Teng]
The Black Dog – Cult Mentality 1 [*Dust Science]
Mr. Beatnick – Symbiosis [Don't Be Afraid]
Recondite – Haptic (Kassian Troyer retreat) [Plangent]
DFRNT – Start Changing Tempo [*FINA]
Unknown – Biscuit Twat (Linkwood remix) [*Voyeurhythm]
Xosar – Rays of Babylon [Rush Hour]
Hyetal – Northwest Passage [True Panther Sounds]

* Indicates forthcoming at the time of this recording

Here’s our most recent show on Shoreditch Radio, plenty of new and unreleased music on this one so we are even going to offer up a free 320kbps download since the quality of the broadcasts aren’t as good.

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