Water – Anton Zap [Apollo]

If you haven’t figured it out already, we have a soft spot for atmospheric/deep house and techno that borders on the more esoteric sounds of ambient music and other field recordings and soundscapes. There seems to be symbiotic relationship between rhythms and atmospheres (in our opinion) that gives the music a sense of being both ancient and futuristic at the same time.

As the name suggests, Anton Zap‘s debut full length Water is a fluid and breathtaking excursion into the aforementioned territories. The title track ‘Water’ provided by Apollo is a good introduction but it doesn’t really do the full album justice. Highlights include ‘Road Trip Song’ which as the name suggests presents swirling synth pads and beats perfect for driving through scenic landscapes. Also be sure to check out ‘Fade to What?’ as it is more indicative of the producers knack for synth-laden psychedelia. While the album is short at seven tracks, there is certainly no lack of depth and this album would make a fine addition to a beach or road trip playlist for the summer. You can pick it up through R&S on pre-order here.

Anton Zap – Water
Anton Zap – Road Trip Song
Anton Zap – Fade to What?
Anton Zap – Funky Man
Anton Zap – Captain Storm
Anton Zap – Miles and More
Anton Zap – Miniature