Aril Brikha / Deep’a & Biri – Hope [Black Crow]

Producers Aril Brikha and Deep’a and Biri have come together for a higher cause to produce a four track EP entitled Hope. The proceeds from the EP are going to an Israel/Palestine peace projects organization that is trying to improve the strained relations between the two producers respective countries. It is rare to see a dance release that is intended to make a statement about a higher cultural or political level such as this, and to add to that it happens to be a well produced and melacholic delight of an EP.

‘Ishtar’ kicks things off in true Brikha fashion. Pronounced synthetic basslines and Eq tweaks are found throughout the track, which are a signature of the producers sound. Even the limited use of Ableton’s beat repeat effect doesn’t detract from the overall production. Deep’a and Biri bring a remix that subdues things further, and create something that will surely be played at festivals this summer in either Croatia or Ibiza.

Deep’a and Biri offer up ‘Har Zion’ which is an exercise in dubby and atmospheric techno. Perhaps the standout track of the EP is Aril’s remix of ‘Har Zion,’ which really adds an element of emotion to the original. The dark pads of the track echo the commonly used sample from ‘Laura Palmers Theme’ from the television show Twin Peaks. The sample is most commonly known for its use in Moby’s rave anthem ‘Go.’

This is a great EP to add to your collection and especially considering the proceeds go to a good cause, we highly recommend picking it up here.