Lightrail – Bell Towers [Public Possession]

Lightrail (Protect-U Remix) – Bell Towers [Public Possession]

There’s something going on out there with underground dance music that’s hard to define. It seems as though there is a simultaneous need to look back to the distant past, whilst doing something that is also totally in the ‘here and now’. There are some records that achieve that kind of duality, or a sense of being in more than one place at one time.

The Lightrail EP by Bell Towers takes us back to the heady days of the early ’90s, acid house, and the beginning of some naive experimentation with synth sounds, that would soon become the hallmark of bands like Orbital and Underworld. There seems to be a distinct lack of these life-affirming bright arpeggiated synth sounds in our current ‘dark and darker’ musical climate. ‘Light Rail’ is a track that injects some much needed life and light into the contemporary electronic music landscape.

On the flip, Future Times man Protect-U delivers an out and out contemporary banger of a remix on the original, however keeping intact some of the track’s original psychedic vibes. The two tracks compliment each other perfectly, and would be a worth addition to anyones library.

Grab a copy on 12″ at Kristina records here.