Threshing Floor/Leosengor/Siglo Gray Vision/No City Of Choice – Call Super [Houndstooth]

This year promises to be an interesting year for dance music, as more sounds from the fringes are bubbling up to the surface. Producers J R Seaton and Matt Waites (AKA Call Super) debuted in 2011 with the Staircase EP. Since then releases have been few and far between, however an excellent Juno plus podcast solidified the artist(s) as being worthy of keeping an eye on.

The Present Tense EP will be the most important release to date for the two producers, as it’s the first release on the infamous London club Fabric’s new label Houndstooth. The label clout will get them a place in all of our collective radars, but more importantly they’ll be remembered because of their music on this EP. Four tracks that seemingly contradict each other from one to the next, clearly there is nothing holding these producers back from being nonlinear in their creative process. Seaton has explained that their music is neither meant to sound old nor new, and that there is no one direction in which the duo is meant to go in for future releases.

You can pre-order a copy of the EP here.