Discovered Night / Cosmic Sign / Synthonic / Cosmic Sign (Pad Export) [HOLIC]

It’s getting increasingly difficult to write about an EP release of contemporary house music without using the ‘D’ word. The Synthonic Ep sees two producers (Tomoki Tamura & Tuccillo) team up to provide us with three cuts of bass-laden atmospheric house music for Holic records.

Upon listening to ‘Discovered Night’ the listener is immediately plunged into a busy club night, where the speakers are cranked to the max and the feet are moving. Whilst the track isn’t anything that hasn’t already been done, its still a nice slice of functional house music, with a solid bassline. The following track ‘Cosmic Sign’ is a slightly more ethereal and murky offering, while ‘Synthonic’ rounds out the EP to nice effect with its big room sounds and diva vocal samples, making it a prime-time cut for Djs such as Scuba and Midland.

It’s shame that Holic decided not to release the pad export sample of ‘Cosmic Sign’ to the vinyl EP, but you can pick it up at Kristina Records here regardless.