Quivira (Reprise) – Huerco S [Mexican Summer]

There have been arguments made against forms of avant-garde musical composition that contain elements of electronic/rave music outside of a purely academic sphere. Some consider these productions to be ‘impure’ or somehow lacking in value in comparison to more traditionalist experimental works that are strictly noise and drone based.

However, this year that relationship has changed, and even completely inverted. It would be a travesty to speak about avant-garde composition without mentioning the work of contemporary electronic producers such as Laurel Halo, Lee Gamble and Kassem Mosse. These producers are as avant-garde as they come, leaving little doubt that the addition of kick drums and other repetitive sequenced elements will not only be here to stay, but is a breath of fresh air after the monotony of drones and noise based sounds making up the current US underground scene.

The debut full length LP Colonial Patterns from Huerco S is a full frontal assault on the academic experimentalist mindset. Drones bleed into dubby lo-fi 4/4 kicks, and create something that is not only refreshing, but dynamic. While easily classified as avant-garde, the album also smashes to pieces the ‘beat is murder’ mantra of the so called post-rave experimentalist scene, using its own language of dissolution and depravity.

While on the other end of the spectrum, the album rejects the glossy sheen and superficial character of the American EDM phenomenon, this connection is an obvious one and is not worth a detailed commentary. Discover this album for yourself, as it will make best of year lists all around and is worthy album to have on vinyl.

Huerco S – Colonial Patterns [Mexican Summer]

01. Struck with Deer Lungs
02. Plucked From the Ground, Towards the Sun
03. Quivira
04. Anagramme of My Love
05. ‘Iinzhiid
06. Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning)
07. Monks Mound (Arcology)
08. Prinzif
09. Hopewell (Devil)
10. Fortification III
11. Skug Commune
12. Canticoy
13. Chun-Kee Player
14. Angel (Phase)

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