Diagram Solutions EP – Joey Anderson [Inimeg]

It wouldn’t really be fair to describe Joey Anderson‘s new EP Diagram Solutions on Inimeg Records solely as house music. The producer, hailing from New Jersey, has increasingly raised the level of weirdness in his music over the past year or so, this release included. Joey often gets lumped in with the current crop of new school NYC house producers, but we like to think that he leans a little further to the left, and we love to watch as he indulges his more eccentric tendencies.

The release opens with “Musical Tentacles” and already we’re entering murky territory. Meandering minor synth-lines combine with analog bass and a solitary thudding kick as the track starts. Things start to become more interesting as a squelchly melodic synth enters the picture. “Rise Senth” ditches the beat completely in favour of a flurry of synths and a strange vocal sample telling us to “RISE” from the depths. “Diagram Solutions” is a more minimal study in drums and synth oddities that could be handy for bringing down a crowd from a peak, or as a starting point for a set.

If you are a fan of his material, than Diagram Solutions is worth picking up and you can do that at Kristina Records, here.