Kito Jemepre – O B J E C T S [Fata Morgana]

Kito Jemepre
‘s debut LP entitled O B J E C T S is a great example of a successful blend of production that is both experimental and accessible. Through the album’s ten tracks, the producer moves seamlessly between ambient, house, field recordings, and some pitch-shifted vocal samples. It’s incredibly difficult to classify as any one form of music. It would be fair to say that the album has it’s underpinnings in deep house and techno, but some tracks stray far from a 4/4 beat and into the realm of the cerebral.

The album opens with the floor friendly cut ‘Lumo’ which kicks things off with some congas and a fat bassline. The next track ‘Kallio’ continues to pick up the pace, as some polyrhythmic percussion leads into a slowly building ascension of synths that peaks and breaks down mid way through the record. ‘Conversation w/Lay-Far’ begins with a sample of a man and woman having a conversation, then slowly builds into an oddly ethereal deep house track.

Spacier cuts on the album include tracks like ‘HW Whales’ which is oddly haunting and enchanting in equal measures. While rhythmic elements exist, the piece lacks a backing drum track which makes it one of the most amorphous tracks on the LP. Also worth noting is the Juju and Jordash remix of ‘Gas Station’ which is a more subdued and atmospheric version of the original. You’ll have to pick up the 12″ sampler for the J&J mix however.

Any way you slice it this record is worth picking up and should be available and quality vinyl retailers everywhere come April.

Note: The review is indicative of the album, the clips above are truncated versions.

Fata Morgana drops ‘O B J E C T S’ LP on 14th April as a vinyl sampler and on CD/Digital on 25th April.

1. Lumo
2. Kallio
3. Conversation w/Lay-Far
4. HW Whales
5. Virheita
6. Emotion
7. Typewriter
8. Gas Station
9. Järvi
10. In The Midnight w/Yana Bliner