Angels Against Dust EP – Legowelt and Wille Burns [Beyond the Speaker]

Legowelt and Willie Burns are two producers who have really come into their own over the past few years. The Angels Against Dust EP sees the producers team up and release four tracks of futuristic and almost early trance-like sounds. Both ‘Azurian Sunset’ and ‘Another Dogs Day’ are classic Legowelt tracks, where ethereal melodies are punctuated neatly by driving kicks and percussive elements.

Willie Burns offers up ‘Frozen Tunnel Shuffle’ which is a subtler track by comparison to Legowelt’s upbeat melodic material. ‘Lagrangian Plains’ seems to be the standout track on this EP though, which sounds like a haunting ghost of the early 90′s trance and progressive scene, with its piercing synth lines fading away into the distance.

You can grab a copy on 12″ vinyl at Juno here.