Breakbeat music has started to make a humble comeback in the UK following its peak in the mid-noughts. With talented producers such as A Sagittariun and Pittsburgh Track Authority contributing a few releases here and there, we may be looking at a return to form for the style of music which has all since disappeared over the past few years.

On the Zafro EP, up and coming artist Loopdeville creates three cuts of broken beat goodness that begin to fill the void. ‘Zafro’ makes use of a bassline that sounds like it came from an old tribe record, as well as discreetly sampling the famous Fingers Inc. ‘My House’ acapella. ‘Strangers in the Light’ offers similarly dusty breakbeat vibes, and the record ends with a remix of ‘Zafro’ providing a slightly more upbeat take on the original.

You can get the Zafro EP at Kristina Records here.