Lord of the Isles – 301C Symphony/Co20/Fyne/Horizon Effect/Western Electric [Permanent Vacation]

For our first post of 2014, we are featuring an ever prolific house artist that seems to continue to rise to the occasion time and time again. Lord of the Isles has released his 301c Symphony EP this month on Permanent Vacation. The EP sees the producer drop six tracks of his reliable output in the form of ambient house and techno.

’301c Symphony’ the title track on the EP kicks things off in a traditional LOTI fashion beginning with a mix of bass stabs and smooth detuned ambient synths. From there its not long until things get club orientated with a solid 4/4 kick setting the track alight.

Another highlight of the EP ‘Co20′, is included in both a six and twelve minute extended version. The track sees the producer engage in some serious gurgling synths and more grandiose strings for an epic experience of a record. Great middle of the night material to bring people up!

The EP finishes off with three tracks that are less club orientated but are equally well produced and indulge the producers tendencies for ambience. The EP is well rounded and a good one for the collection and you can find it at Juno here.