Rebecca in the Hall / Romijn Ravine / Night Level II – R-Zone 06 [R-Zone]

Exclamation / March Of The Worms / Claustrophobic Habits – R-Zone 04 [R-Zone]

Pain / Dead – R-Zone 03 [R-Zone]

There’s something exciting about music that is released anonymously, it’s a challenge for artists to produce music that has to succeed on its own merit without the hype or connotation of a well known name or label. However, in the case of R-zone records some credit is surely due. After beginning earlier in the year, the labels releases have gone from strength to strength and don’t show any sign of stopping.

Defining the sound is difficult, there are certainly elements of early 90′s rave, Detroit techno, and Chicago acid. However, it’s almost as if these elements have been shot into another dimension and become permanently altered only to return and confound us by challenging our own understanding of the genres as we know them. We’ve included some of our favourites above, but we recommend checking out the entire catalogue on their soundcloud site here.

NOT TO MISS: ‘Rebecca in the Hall’, ‘Romijn Ravine’, and ‘Dead’ from the above clips

Most of the releases that havent sold out, or that are forthcoming are available at Juno here.