Satellite EP – Sagat [VLEK]

The Vlek record label has been responsible for some interesting electronic output over the past few years, and at one point last year gave away the entire catalogue for free, which was a real treasure trove of interesting sounds. Sagat has just recently released the Satellite EP which fits nicely into the labels aesthetic. This collection of tracks sits somewhere between the dancefloor and more esoteric realms of noise and ambient sounds.

‘Ten Steps Removed’ while even at only two and a half minutes is still epic, with a detuned filtered synth that rides through the track and provides a fearful sense of apprehension. ‘Satellite’ gives us something a little different, an almost 2-step like number, similar to the Burial/Fourtet collaborations of last year. ‘Port’ knocks along with its 4/4 stomp, and could easily be used in sets for more discerning dancefloors. Lastly, ‘Intruder’ rounds out the EP with a track thats much more loosely assembled and harder to define than any other on the record.

You can get it on vinyl at the Vlek Store.