A Sagittariun – Dream Ritual (clips) [Elastic Dreams]

A Sagittariun has had quite a number of releases in a variety of styles over the past couple of years. He seems to have the ability to connect the points between ambient, breakbeat, electro, techno and other leftfield electronica. Ever the mysterious character, his mask of choice is a mickey mouse helmet (not to be confused with that other mousehead), which is a surreal re-contextualisation of the symbol considering his music.

Dream Ritual is the debut full length by A Sagittariun and provides us with a glimpse into his varied and cosmic world. The ambient number ‘Sundial’ provides a great introduction to his sound and to the LP, and already you know that you are in for something exceptional. ‘V4641 Sgr’ and ‘The South Node’ are good examples of what we have come to expect from the producer, which is well produced psychedelic and atmospheric techno.

Gears change with tracks like ‘Conquering Lions’ and ‘Year of the Ox’ as this producer shows us his knack for broken beat fare. The album culminates with the track ‘A Lucid Dream (Original Dream)’ which harkens back to the days of the post acid electronica and epic house of the mid nineties. The album is a feat of the imagination, and shows that we are living in a time when you can produce any kind of music without being labelled as ‘out of fashion’ if you are inventive and do it well.

You can grab the album when it drops later in November at Bandcamp.