Sascha Dive & Luke Hess – Into the Abyss [Minimood Extra]

Sascha Dive and Luke Hess make for an interesting pairing on this EP release, entitled Into the Abyss, for Minimood Extra. The EP Begins with the title track “Into the Abyss” which begins as a cut of murky dub techno. Things begin to build and the track takes on a chugging momentum. A familiar formula, but one that works well for folks at Berghain at 2 or 3 in the morning. Around the 3 minute mark, things take an abrupt turn when some audacious ravey stabs enter the mix. Hess and Dive aren’t really doing anything here that hasn’t been done, but at least its a well produced, and functional track.

CV313 (AKA Echospace) offer up three even dubbier takes on the original, each a slight variation on the next.

To pick up the Into the Abyss EP check Juno here in early June.