Space Culture Vol. 1 – Various Artists [Bliq]

This three track EP was released earlier in the year, however it managed to slip under our radar until now. Bliq is a London based deep house and techno label that has been putting out quality releases for about three years now. Space Culture Vol. 1 caught our attention, as we’ve featured a few of the artists on the EP in the past.

Audio Atlas turns in a moody dub techno number drenched in reverb in the form of ‘Finland’ which seems to be a cut that may have been left off the excellent Window 2 the World LP released earlier this year. By contrast, ‘Frábær’ by Pietro Tangianu features lots of analogue chords and deep bass to warm things up a bit. Lastly, Matti Turunen‘s track ‘Nocturne’ is by far the standout track of the EP, in our opinion. Minimalist electro breakbeat that makes for perfect set opening material and is reminiscent of Claro Intelecto‘s earlier work.