Our Unknown Pasts series features past electronic albums that have faded into the mists of time, but are still relevant to the contemporary electronic music landscape. This time around we’re getting nostalgic about The Black Dog‘s brilliant second album Spanners. This album was released in 1995 and combines various forms of electronic music from the heady era of the early to mid 90′s. The tracks on the LP range from short sound interludes and downtempo electronica, to wobbly IDM and melodic techno.

Acid lines, vocal snippets, and synth washes are used throughout this EP to great psychedelic effect. Some may consider Redshape’s Square to be a contemporary equivalent of this LP, as the mixture of genres on the two albums is very similar, as is the enigmatic character of both these artists. Almost twenty years later The Black Dog are just as relevant as ever and just released another unforgettable album The Liber Dogma this past year.

We’ve included what we are calling ‘the wall of clips’ here from the album for people to check out, which is slightly unorthodox but it should give you an idea of what the album is all about. They have been placed into as correct an order as possible, and we don’t have the album in its entirety here, so if you want to grab a copy of the album, check discogs for a cheap cd copy or a pricier vinyl.